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Viscomsoft .Net Image Viewer SDK

.net image viewer sdk, .net 1D Barcode reader sdk, .net QR Barcode reader sdk, support Display BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG
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19 August 2015

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This is a SDK for integrating of image viewing function into .NET applications.

.Net Image Viewer SDK lets you develop applications that need to integrate the image viewing function on the Windows platform. This kit is compatible with the Windows 9X, XP, Vista, Window 7, and Window 8. This SDK comes with a set of viewing related as well as some edit functions for images. It incorporates 1D and 2D QR barcode reading functions. It is able to handle BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, multi-page TIFF formatted images easily. Functions included for viewing convenience include zoom in, zoom out, fit to width, and fit to height, etc. Image rotation by any degrees is supported. The kit includes functions like auto enhancement that could be undone, if you do not like it. The trial version of the SDK that you can download is identical to the full version. So, your full development can start right away, if you like it.

The development activities could be speeded up. The large number of built-in functions, 190 in all, helps writing of code quicker. The SDK comes with an object-oriented structure so that the software developed could be robust. The code in the SDK is fully managed code and that saves time too. The application code executes faster. Calling unmanaged code decreases performance due to the required additional security checks. When you distribute your product, it is royalty free even though it contains the code from the kit. The product is updated regularly and new features are added. Your application development could be on Delphi 4 to Visual Studio 2012, including RAD Studio (Delphi and C builder), Visual Basic 6, VBA, Visual C, Delphi, Visual FoxPro, PHP, ASP, XBasic, Microsoft Word, Excel & Access, Realbasic, WinDev, C#, J#, VB.NET and many others. This is a very good tool.

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.net image viewer sdk, .net 1D Barcode reader sdk, .net QR Barcode reader sdk, •Display BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, multi-page TIFF.
Display BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, multi-page TIFF.
Save as bmp, JPEG, PNG, multi-page TIFF.
Save as bmp, JPEG, PNG, multi-page TIFF with specific size.
Zoom in, Zoom out, Fit to Width, Fit to Height.
Image rotation support any degrees.
Support undo edited image,
Drawing selection rectangle and crop specific part of image.
Save as multi-page TIFF with different compression (LZW, JPEG, CCITT FAX3, No Compression)
Support AntiNoise, Blur, Blue, Brightness, Contrast, Diffuse, Desaturate, Emboss, FocalBW, Gamma, Green, Hue, Invert, Lightness, Median, Monochrome, Mosaic, Noise, Red, Sharpen, SharpenEdge, Twirl image effects.
Support undo edited image,
1D Barcode Reader SDK - Barcode Recognition processes an entire page or only specific areas in a page and Automatic barcode type detection, Read multiple barcodes and High-speed barcode recognition and return sureness value of each detected barcode. Supported Codabar, Code 11 Code 3 of 9, Industrial 2 from 5, Interleave 2 from 5, Matrix 2 from 5, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E Barcode Type.
QR Barcode reader SDK - Support read the QR Barcode.
Viscomsoft .Net Image Viewer SDK
Viscomsoft .Net Image Viewer SDK
Version 1.17
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